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Call now: (715) 536 5189

Call now: (715) 536 5189

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Our Story

Established in 1987, Klug's Country Gold is a family owned and operated jewelry store. It was originally owned by my father, so I decided to take ownership of it in 1998, using the experience and knowledge I got from him. I made sure to carry products and offer services that still had that same quality as the old days, without changing anything.


As Merrill's one and only place to purchase and repair jewelry, Klug's Country Gold is determined to help you find the best items around. Our wide selection includes unique, high quality pieces for you to find. And we don't stop at sales! We service nearly all jewelry and precious metals, which means you can rely on us to help preserve your treasured pieces. So it doesn't matter if you come here for something new or to fix an oldie but goodie, our professional and passionate team can't wait to know your story and help.


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We also do repairs on location and provide the expertise and information you need to make the best purchase to meet your needs and budget.

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